Ray and winnie

Banff Wedding Photography

Rimrock Resort in Banff, AB

Ray and Winnie at the Wedding Rimrock Resort Infinity Suite in Banff.

A beautiful union of two cultures was celebrated at the Rimrock Resort in Banff, Alberta. The couple started their special day with a traditional Chinese Tea Ceremony. They participated in a romantic Western wedding on the deck of Suite Infinity. With magnificent views of the Rocky Mountains all around. This dreamy venue was the perfect backdrop for a memorable celebration of love and unity.

This unique ceremony surely won't be forgotten anytime soon. It will stand out vividly forever in the minds and hearts of both families and friends. From its elegant banquet halls to its stunning views and excellent service, Rimrock Resort Hotel in Banff, Alberta, has become a favourite destination for couples who want to share their special bond surrounded by natural beauty. And now that this bride and groom have chosen Rimrock Resort Hotel as their dream wedding venue, they can confidently say they made all the right decisions!

You can visit the Rimrock here: https://www.rimrockresort.com/SuiteInfinity.html