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We strive to photograph weddings the same way.

Fall wedding in Banff with snow covered peaks and golden leaves on trees.

When choosing a photographer it is important to know that we all shoot in the same style. This is on purpose. When looking through our portfolio you won't know who took what photo. We believe in creating a consistent body of work that our customers can trust in. Our years of experience and dedication to the craft ensure that you will always receive beautiful results from Chinook Photography. Plus our fun, friendly demeanor makes the process enjoyable for everyone involved! Click on our profiles to learn more about us as individuals and how we can help capture your special moments.

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Our editing style is crisp and clean, no trends

Photography can be confusing. There are so many tricks and trends that overwhelm the market every year that you shouldn't be embarrassed by your wedding photos 5 years from now when the trends have fallen out of favour. We only use classic technique's that have been around for decades. Your photos will be bright, sharp and vivid. Black and whites are crisp and clean. There are photos on our website that are more than 10 years old next to photos from last week.

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